Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus Premium v3.2.96.196

Bit defender

Bitdefender Mobile Protection and Antivirus Give your Google android cell phones TOTAL safety from viruses and security “interlopers” with Bitdefender Mobile phone Security! PC Protection Labs proclaimed this bleeding advantage app with a 5 STAR AWARD, so you understand you can believe it to keep your gadget, your data, as well as your protection safe!

Highlights initially:

Malware Scanner – demonstrated 100% identification rate

Privacy Advisor – indicates which applications may release your private data

Web Security – continuous safety for Chrome and Android’s default programs

Anti-Theft – lock, monitor, and wipe your telephone from any Internet-associated device

App Lock – lock your sensitive applications with a PIN code

WearON – stretches out Bitdefender Portable Security to your savvy

Malware Scanner

With a freely demonstrated 100% discovery price, Malware Scanner is dependably fully informed about the latest intel on viruses and naturally examines applications for malware as you introduce them. You can similarly examine for malware actually whenever.

Protection Advisor

See whether any of your applications look into your private information and hole it on the web. Security Advisor additionally discloses to you when applications get to the Internet without your insight and download undesirable information.

App Lock

Utilize App Lock to effortlessly set up a PIN code for just about any app and that means you remain the particular case who opens them.

New: Smart Unlock

Make your daily life less convoluted. If you are employing a trusted Wi-fi program, for example, your house center point, Wise Unlock stipends you guideline access to your applications by handicapping the PIN code.

Web Security

Whether or not you’re utilizing Android’s default program or Chrome, Web Protection identifies the pernicious substance and guards your perusing.

Hostile to Theft

Lock, geo-find, audio an alert and clean your Google android from any Internet associated gadget. Hostile to Theft even allows you to tune in on your phone, and convey SMS costs. It will alarm you when the SIM cards has been changed.

New: Snap Photo

Dynamic barrier against cheats and gatecrashers: your phone will snap a mugshot of anybody who tries to wreck havoc on your phone in your non-appearance.

WearON – cybersecurity for savvy observes

Bitdefender Mobile Protection likewise ensures any Google android Wear devices connected with your smartphone (Google android 4.3 or more required). With Telephone Alert, your savvy will vibrate when you stage too far from your own primary device. Utilize the Scream capability to ping your mobile phone, and it’ll shout for you whether or not you exited it on noiseless.


• New Lock Settings are accessible

• Smart Unlock happens to be more open

• Timeout after numerous fizzled unlock endeavors

• Fingerprint bolster included once and for all devices

• WebSecurity right now underpins Dolphin Internet browser on Android 6 or more

Essential Note: High-quality highlights activated about the second dispatch



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