Talon for Twitter Plus v7.0.0 APK for Android

Talon for Twitter Pro

Talon for Tweets (In addition)

Talon wants never before. Daring and gorgeous. All materials, all velocity. Produced with Google android Lollipop and Materials Style at its middle. Talon (Plus) contains spectacular and gorgeous designs, vision getting animations, the smoothness you should expect from the most recent and best apps, plus therefore very much even more. Obtain completely engrossed in your Twitter with this gorgeous, feature PACKED Twitter customer with a style that in fact makes feeling!

App Features:

Activity Web page for new fans, favorites/retweets, and mentions
Twitter GIF support
Expand twitter posts ideal for your timeline for quick interaction
Clickable and lengthy clickable links, hashtags, and @ mentions
Expandable, actionable, and powerful notification system
Local YouTube and Vine player
In-app browser
Widget for primary timeline and unread counts
New option for notices: receive drive announcements from the Tweets app, if it’s installed!
Improvements around the ease-of-use of the notice configurations section

Here you download your Talon for Twitter Plus for Android.


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